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Wingback Chairs: How to Give These Traditional Style a Modern Twist

Wingback Chairs is today’s theme. A wingback chair is a type of upholstered accent chair with wings connected to the seatback. It is also known as a wing chair, a fireside chair, or an easy chair. Wingback chairs typically have a high back and, with the exception of a few more recent styles, armrests. These may be a very traditional style of chair, but you can re-update it in a modern twist to your interior design.

Wingback Chairs

Wingback Chairs is the best living room chair for those who suffer from severe back pain as it gives you good posture. The interior is durable steel, more than giving lumbar support, makes it durable.

winglback black leather chair

DUKONO Armchair is a wonderful example of a sumptuous combination that never goes out of style. When combined in a darker ambience, this wingback armchair turns into the focal point.

modern leather chair

This high-back chair has a nailhead trim that contrasts with the synthetic leather upholstery. Place it in a modern home and watch DUKONO High Back Winged Armchair infuse the space with its strong personality.

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Book Collected Dining Rooms

wingback chair in modern office design

This is a modern office design, with just the essential elements – and the key to the whole set is the combination of colours and textures. It is no wonder that a wingback chair seems tailor-made to be the principal chair in office decor due to its strong structure.

wingback velvet green chair

The button detailing on the inner back, the nailhead trim, and the brass embellishments on the arms are the most distinguishing aspects of this high back winged armchair. The SIKA Wingback Armchair, upholstered in synthetic leather, complements a bold living room ensemble.

modern bedroom design with white wingback

The imposing CLERK Armchair is an outstanding statement piece for modern bedroom decor. It adds comfort and elegance, at the same time it conveys the essence of this particular room.

wingback beige velvet chairs

Inspired by Bishop and Clerk, an imposing mountain peak in Australia with spectacular vistas, CLERK Armchair is upholstered in cotton velvet and has high shiny lacquered legs.


A modern brown reading area interior design including the DAVIS Armchair because of its classic form. This fully upholstered wingback armchair will bring character and elegance to any interior design.

wingback velvet green chair

Because of its timeless style, DAVIS Armchair is a green velvet upholstery high back winged armchair with green matte lacquered legs that will bring character and elegance to any modern interior design.

modern office with white wingback chair

Having a modern office is the key to having a sacred place to work intensively without any distraction. A place where you can be concentrated, but at the same time enjoy the ambience around you.

wingback white velvet chair
The strength of these mesmerizing waterfalls is perfectly combined in the IGUAZU Wing Chair. This trendy wingback velvet armchair with matte lacquered legs is the ideal accent to any modern living room decor.

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