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Accent Chairs 101: Make a Statement in your Home Decor

Accent chairs are what distinguishes a standard room design from a beautiful and modern one. Finding the appropriate chair can change the entire area, creating a statement, by lighting up the entire room, adding an extra location for your social sitting room, and even working as the perfect chair to curl up with a book. Let’s look into some of the best Accent Chairs inspirations that will surely make a statement in your home decor.

Accent Chairs

First of all, how can you distinguish an accent chair? Accent chairs are pieces that do not have arms. An armchair with the same upholstery and design as the sofa is not an accent chair because it does not contrast or catch the eye.

Make a Statement in your Home Decor

Reading corner with an accent armchair

Accent Chairs are ideal for a reading corner design due to their essence. In this ambience, the essence of the ELK Armchair matches the energy the room needs: a functional yet interesting design.

Upholstered in cotton velvet armchair

ELK Armchair is an upholstered cotton velvet armchair with a base in glossy aged brass and black glossy lacquered. The curved back exudes elegance making this the ideal armchair for any room design.

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Book Collected Dining Rooms

modern brown hallway design

These types of chairs are not only ideal in the living room or reading corner design. This example shows how you can match your accent chair in a simple hallway design and completely upgrade it.

Velvet Upholstered armchair with curved back

BEGONIA Armchair is one of the best accent chairs to complement your home design. This velvet upholstered armchair in soft cotton velvet has the perfect curved back to make it a modern design in a comfortable accent solution.

modern chair in hallway design

A simple hallway design that is totally boosted with only one key element: the ideal accent chair. The bold colour and structure of the CAYO Dining Chair is just the perfect detail in the big picture.

upholstered in green velvet and with legs in ash with walnut stain varnish dining chair

CAYO Dining Chair was inspired by CAYO Island’s and their green mesmerizing scenario. this upholstered in green velvety dining chair has legs in ash with walnut stain varnish, making it the centre of attention in any modern contemporary design.

modern red velvet armchair

Escaping the usual chairs, ANDES Armchair aims to contribute to being a revolutionary element in interior design. Consider your room and whether you’d prefer a colour that blends in with the existing colour scheme or one that jumps out as a focus – like this one.

rich cotton velvet upholstery armchair

ANDES Armchair is an elegant seating solution that follows its inspiration, the Andes’ Mountains. This mid-century armchair is upholstered in rich cotton velvet with matte aged brass legs.

modern hallway design with synthetic leather armchair

As we said before, bold colours are always a safe choice for a bold design as well. The NANOOK Armchair has such a rare design, transforming every room it is.

NANOOK Armchair is a synthetic leather armchair that has a strong presence balanced with the elegance given by the golden nailhead trim and the button detailing on the inner back.

The townhouse dining room banner

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