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Chairs without arms for Living Room

Chairs without arms will be today’s topic. A chair without arms can be very effective in any interior design since it does not take as much space as a chair with arms. In the living room, where your space should be maximised at the most, choosing a modern chair (even better without arms) is the way to go to create an interior that feels both comfortable and inviting. Let’s take a look at some of the best living room designs with these types of chairs.

Chairs without Arms

Upgrade your living room design

Modern living room with pink chair with no arms

The tones of this living room are simply marvellous! But the true star is the pink upholstery of this modern chair without arms.


chairs with no arms in living room design

In this living room design, the brown upholstery of the chairs with no arms creates the perfect symmetrical ambience, perfect for a modern design lover.

modern living room with green chairs with no arms

The purpose of chairs with no arms in the living room design is to give the space more space and flexibility. This living room decoration shows exactly that.

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modern living room with blue navy chairs with no arms

Chairs with no arms may seem odd at first, but once you see a living room design with this type of chair you can’t look back. We hope this interior design inspires you to take your risk and take a chance on a chair with no arms.

modern living room with neutral chair with no arms

If navy chairs are not your cup of tea, you can also portray chairs with no arms in a neutral living room design – choose the perfect chair and surround it with the very best exquisite high-end elements.

modern living room with orange chairs without arms

A chair without arms doesn’t necessarily mean a chair with no backrest. This orange upholstered chair shows how you can feel secured by the chair even with no armrests.

Modern living room with blue chair without arms

A chair with no arms can be even more elegant than an armchair. Comfortable and elegant, simply a unique design.

modern living room with a blue chair with no arms

Such an exquisite living room design where the blue upholstery of the two chairs without arms fills the living room space beautifully.

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