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Choose the Ideal Modern Chair for Your Entryway Decor

Choosing the ideal Modern Chair for the entryway will be today’s theme. One of the most usual questions is what should be the items to add to an entryway design. Should it be a big console, or maybe an exquisite floor lamp? In reality, the entryway is a room of extreme functionality. It is the first space everyone who enters your house get to see, so it has that special allure of being the first impression, but it is also a place of passage, so it must have the crucial elements to make it comfortable. More than a beautiful console or an incredible floor lamp, you should look for the ideal chair to compliment the space. Today we will give you some of the best options of modern chair that will look great in your entryway design.

Modern Chair

To the entryway decor

modern dark entryway design with two black leather armchairs

A chair in the entryway design can easily turn into additional seating if you have guests over, or even a place where they can leave their coats. This classic entryway portrays perfectly the beauty and elegance of black – this dark colour can seem lifeless, but in these synthetic leather armchairs, it exudes sophistication.

synthetic leather upholstered high-back armchair

DUKONO Armchair is inspired by one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. This wingback armchair fills every room with its so characteristic elegance and composure.

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modern entryway design with white curved back armchairs

More than a functional place, entryways are the first disclosure of your home. The first sneak peeks everyone has of your most personal world. Entryways should embrace the whole house design, in a more minimal way. This modern entryway embodies the main colours of the rest of the home design, and has two armchairs giving it structure – it is just the ideal modern chair example for an entryway decor.

armchair Upholstered in cotton velvet and with a base in glossy aged brass and black glossy lacquered

It is no surprise that ELK Armchair is between the ideal chairs for entryway design. This is upholstered in a cotton velvet armchair with a base in glossy aged brass and black glossy lacquered has a curved back so characteristically take makes it a refined modern armchair.

modern entryway design with two bold curved back armchairs

Giving the entryway just a touch of what could be found in the rest of the house is a never out-of-date trick. In this ambience, you can feel this could be a simple space, without any element; instead, the owner decided to be bold and give a touch of life through colour and texture.

modern mid-century tufted velvet armchair with aged brass legs armchair

MALAY Armchair has a subtle appearance, turning into one of the ideal modern chair to add in a modern entryway design. This modern mid-century tufted velvet armchair with aged brass legs is inspired by the mesmerizing Malay Archipelago, embodying its natural energy and beauty.

Discover ow you can add a dining chair to create your ideal modern entryway

Dining chairs are for the dining room, obviously. But these types of chairs have such a unique essence that they can easily perform in every other house division. With the right amount of modern and comfortable design, we will now see how they can be easily perceived as any other chair in an entryway decor.

modern entryway design with blue dining chair

In this scenario, the chair is just giving detail to the whole set – adding colour and an element completely different from the rest.

upholstered in velevet with legs in ash with walnut stain varnish dining chair

CAYO Dining Chairs is inspired by Cayo Island, exuding all the natural beauty through its velvet upholstery. This modern velvet dining chair is sure to impress every dining room decor, but in this case, it is the centre of attention in an entryway design.

entryway design with modern brown dining chairs

Brown is such a difficult colour to perform in any home decor, but in this entryway, it is just perfect. Like the previous one, the choice for dining chairs instead of armchair sure do have a purpose, and we think it has to do with the great balance between comfort and modernity these types of chairs have.

modern velvet dining chair design

NANOOK Dining Chair has a completely different structure from the usual dining chairs. Upholstered in velvet, this dining chair has a golden nailhead trim and a button detailing on the inner back, that turns it into a strong presence chair.

entryway with orange armchair and colourful rug

This colourful entryway design is amazing. The bold orange coming from the armchair makes it unique.

grey tones entryway with colourful rug

This green open space has such a characteristic essence – the combination of the rug with the armchair makes it so dazzling.

grey tones entryway with colourful rug

This entryway has a unique rug with such colourful tones and texture, that totally matches the clean and open space of this entryway.

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