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Velvet Dining Chairs and Round Dining Tables: The Perfect Match

Velvet Dining Chairs will be today’s theme. First of all, why do we need to emphasize round dining tables? A round dining table makes greater use of space in a compact location, resulting in less bumping or crowding when people are trying to seat. This type of table also creates a more approachable and familiar environment, since everyone around it can see and talk to each other. Som, there is no question that round dining tables have their perks. But why combinate them with velvet dining chairs? That is what you can figure out throughout this article!

Velvet Dining Chairs and Round Dining Tables: The Perfect Match

Velvet Dining Chairs

Perfect Match to Round Dining Tables

Round dining tables are one of the greatest shapes for small groups because everyone can see everyone else, turning discussions simpler to carry on, and the setting feels cosier and more intimate.

modern dining room design in blue tones

This modern dining room has a very youthful essence and that is mainly due to the colours. But the real key is the way they choose to coordinate the SHINTO Round Dining table, a fairly simple design table, with the mesmerizing STOLA Dining Chairs – their exquisite design create such a beautiful look on the whole set.

round back velvet dining chair

STOLA Dining Chairs is a fully upholstered velvet dining chair that has draped fabric in the inner back, creating this so elegant chair. Inspired by the way Ancient Roman women were dressed, this chair promises to add elegance and comfort to any interior dining room design.

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Velvet Dining Chairs and Round Dining Tables: The Perfect Match
Spring Sale BRABBU

elegant green dining room design with curved back dining chairs

This is such an elegant dining room design. The green choice was a very bold move completely worth it. Again, SHINTO Round Dining table but this time surrounded by very refined dining chairs – and refinement is really the middle name for the BOURBON Dining Chairs.

round back dining chair in green

BOURBON Dining Chairs is inspired by one of the most powerful houses in France, the House of Bourbon, and it completely embodies their grandiosity. This rich cotton velvet chair has a button-tufted inner back that completely creates a refined ambience everywhere.

Velvet Dining Chairs and Round Dining Tables: The Perfect Match
BRABBU New Products Catalogue.

grey dining room design

Grey is a very elegant colour choice for a dining room design, especially when it conveys the painting of the room with the colour of the furniture. The AGRA Dining Table in marble white contrasts with the grey velvet upholstered OKA Dining Chairs.

rectangular back dining chair

OKA Dining Chairs is a fully upholstered velvet chair that amazes with its simplicity and gracefully. With a unique and modern design, this dining chair promises to amaze and become the centre of every room design.

modern green and gold dining room design

Most of the nature-inspired dining rooms turn out to have a strong raw and characteristic sense of the wilderness of nature. This dining room embodies a lot of those details through the green colour upholstered on the chairs and the texture on the wall. TELLUS Dining Chairs also help to conquer that desire.

roundback dining chair

TELLUS Dining Chairs is inspired by the goddess of Earth in Roman mythology. This dining chair has a velvet fabric and a nailhead trim with back legs in matter lacquer – a very sophisticated dining room with a completely out of the ordinary design.

grey and black dining room design

This dining room design has a very sophisticated essence, portrayed through the grey and back shades. The velvet detail on the DALYAN Dining Chairs makes this dining room into a mesmerizing interior design, perfect for a family or friends gathering.

velvet dining chair

DALYAN Dining Chairs has really characteristic feminine shapes totally inspired by the opulent figure of Cleopatra. This dining chair has a fairly simple design, which makes it the ideal chair to give the final touch to every interior.

Book Collected Dining Rooms
modern dining room design with two different types of chairs

This dining room design goes off the usually dining set – and again, DALYAN Dining Chairs is in the picture. With the mixture of two completely different dining chairs, it has such a comfortable and inviting essence. APIS II Dining Table is a very different dining table, elevating the room to another level.

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