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Styles of Modern Chairs: Choose the Best for Your Home Decor

Styles of Modern Chairs will be today’s theme! The Chair world is very wide, so today we bring you the best styles of different chairs with a modern design to inspire you in your next home renovation.

Styles of Modern Chairs

It is no question that chairs have a major impact on home design. Each type of chair serves a different purpose and goal, and the same goes for design. Each chair looks better in different home divisions. For example, counter stools work better in the kitchen or bar design, but you can also add them to your dining room area. Let’s browse some examples and be inspired by them.


Armchairs are extremely comfortable and trendy, and key elements to have in your home design. Usually seen in the living room, it should be positioned near your sofa or in an empty part of the room to fill space and create a relaxing zone. The main thing is that your armchair matches the style and colours of the rest of your furniture.

modern armchair in grey velvet

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book collected living room

High Back Chair

High Back Chairs are easily identified. These chairs add a lot of support to your head, neck and total back – this is the reason why high back chairs are so famous in office design. But you can design them everywhere on the house because they add a twist-filled comfort touch to the decor.

high back chair

Wing Back Chair

Wing Back Chairs are extremely comfortable chairs usually associated with reading corners or home libraries. The design of this style of modern chair gives the sense of a very warm embrace in its structure, perfect for a reading moment.

high back modern armchair

Dining Chair

It is in the dining room where you entertain guests and hold formal or informal dinners for family and friends. Dining room furniture and decor should represent your preferences, personality, and intended function. While the dining table is the focal point of your dining space, the chairs are as essential.

modern upholstered velvet dining chair

These are the common styles of dining chairs, but swivel dining chairs are entering the game with strength. These styles of chairs give a more dynamic vision to the room while being as comfortable and trendy.

Book Collected Dining Rooms

modern swivel dining chair

Counter Stool

When space is restricted, employing counter stools rather than chairs makes sense. A counter stool is usually smaller than a typical chair and sometimes can be easily stored beneath a table or counter. Otherwise, counter stools add a different dynamic to the space, especially in kitchen or dining areas.

counter stool

Bar Stool

It should come as no surprise that the first application for bar stools stems from their name. They were used to seat customers around the bar in a pub or diner setting, saving space by catering to single patrons who would otherwise take up a whole table. But bar stools are more and more usual in modern home decors, especially in home bar designs.

bar stool modern

Other elements that match with chairs


Ottomans were originally meant to act as comforting footrests. Even today they fulfil this purpose. But now, modern ottoman designs are the ones that have matching chairs around.

modern blue velvet ottoman


Stools are like small chairs that fill a particular part of the room. Nowadays, stools are very used in the bedroom or hallway/entryway designs.

modern golden and black stool

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Written by Ana Rita Rodrigues

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