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5 Perfect Modern Chairs For A Hotel Lobby

The hotel lobby is the nerve centre of almost any hotel. It’s where guests check in and out, so it’ll have a big impact on their first and last impressions of the hotel. It’s also where people go to ask questions of the front desk staff or concierge, wait for taxis or shuttles, wait for other guests, and do a variety of other things. A welcoming and aesthetically pleasing hotel lobby design sets the tone for a guest’s entire stay in a hotel and can help make a lasting positive impression.

Hotel Lobby Essentials

If there is one thing that is absolutely necessary in a hotel lobby, it is the chairs. When guests use the hotel lobby, it is usually when they are tired, such as when they arrive from a long journey to check-in or at the end of each day after long walks to get to know the city, so it is critical to provide them with a comfortable place to sit and rest for a few moments.

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5 Perfect Modern Chairs For A Hotel Lobby. BRABBU New Products Catalogue.

Hotel Lobby Design

There are a few other factors that must be considered when designing a hotel lobby. Aside from comfortable chairs, it is very useful to have some centre tables where guests can place their belongings while they sit for a while. Another important element is the rug; a rug adds extra comfort to a space, making it an excellent choice for a hotel lobby. Finally, it is critical to provide adequate lighting so that the hotel lobby remains a pleasant place to visit at night. Suspension lights or even some floor lights are required for this.


5 Perfect Modern Chairs For A Hotel Lobby. NAJ Chair.

The Naj Tunich, one of the most important discoveries of the twentieth century, took place in Guatemala. NAJ Dining Chair, a dining room chair fully upholstered in velvet with nickeled nails, is inspired by it. This velvet-upholstered dining chair is sure to turn heads.

5 Perfect Modern Chairs For A Hotel Lobby. Hotel Lobby.

This astounding hotel lounge features velvet upholstery, modern casegoods, and elegant lighting solutions that infuse every interior with strong, fierce, and one-of-a-kind memories and sensations. With its unique shape, the NAJ Chair adds comfort and sophistication to this space.


5 Perfect Modern Chairs For A Hotel Lobby. MAYA Chair.

Maize was one of the most important aspects of the Mayan culture. MAYA Velvet Armchair was inspired by Maya’s Maize Goddess, who was personified as a woman. This mid-century velvet chair has the sensual and delicate forms of the goddess, with legs in matte aged brass, making it the ideal seating solution for an elegant living room set.

5 Perfect Modern Chairs For A Hotel Lobby. Hotel Lobby.

The remarkable MAYA Armchair will add a relaxing touch to any hotel lobby project, allowing you to create a warm and cosy modern interior design for your hotel.


5 Perfect Modern Chairs For A Hotel Lobby. IBIS Chair.

Ibis are beautiful birds with long, slim legs. Elegant, just like the IBIS Armchair. The aged brass nailhead trim on this modern grey velvet armchair makes it the focal point of any modern contemporary living room set.

5 Perfect Modern Chairs For A Hotel Lobby. Hotel Lobby.

The IBIS Armchairs are ideal for hospitality projects. The elegance of these armchairs will enhance the design of any hotel lobby without sacrificing functionality.

5 Perfect Modern Chairs For A Hotel Lobby. BRABBU Showroom in Porto.


5 Perfect Modern Chairs For A Hotel Lobby. HERA Chair.

One of the most magnificent examples of iconic Greek architecture is the Temple of Hera. HERA Modern Armchair, fully upholstered in cotton velvet, embodies this magnificence. This channel-tufted chair is an exquisite example of chair design that will transform a modern living room set in an instant.

5 Perfect Modern Chairs For A Hotel Lobby. Hotel Lobby.

This outstanding design with the HERA Armchairs will brighten up any hotel lobby interior. These armchairs add a pop of colour to the lobby while also scream comfort.


5 Perfect Modern Chairs For A Hotel Lobby. ESSEX Chair.

The process of changing from caterpillar to butterfly is known as metamorphosis. It was the inspiration for the ESSEX Modern Swivel Armchair. This velvet-upholstered barrel chair has a brushed aged brass matte base that adds character. This modern velvet armchair will add an element of elegance to any contemporary living room design that only velvet swivel chairs can provide.

5 Perfect Modern Chairs For A Hotel Lobby. Hotel Lobby.

The mood of the lobby should reflect the mood of the hotel, and that mood should be felt by the guests. This modern neutral design captivates everyone. The ESSEX Swivel Armchair’s distinct design fills the space and provides an instant sense of comfort.

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