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Modern Chairs by Marco Piva

Marco Piva is the founder of Studio Marco Piva. The designer is an innovator who is dedicated to developing one-of-a-kind designs that are infused with aesthetic flexibility.

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Studio Marco Piva is more than an architectural firm; it is a scientific institution where projects of all dimensions are tackled with systematic rigor. The company’s success is indisputable, as evidenced by an inconceivable amount of famous prizes.


The company presently has a hundred collaborators, all of whom are highly well-prepared and are spread across the main office in Milan, the second office in Shanghai, and several sites throughout the world.


Besides his work as an interior designer and architect, Marco Piva also amazes in the world of product design. Today, we brought you amazing Modern Chairs by Marco Piva.

1- Ariane

Modern Chairs by Marco Piva

The Ariane chair was created to satisfy the need to have a product with a high stylistic and functional representation. 

2- Bellagio

Modern Chairs by Marco Piva

The Bellagio collection speaks of a desire for relaxation and enjoyable conversation, far from the daily rush and the pressure of time. shapes are sculpted yet enveloping, soft and inviting.

3- Bridget

Modern Chairs by Marco Piva

The refined elegance of the surface is a result of its sinuous design. The combination of colors and different materials defines the boundary between inside and outside, creating a comfortable, soft nest.

4- Cabiria

Modern Chairs by Marco Piva

Upholstered chair with structure in wood. Seat and back padded and upholstered in leather or fabric.

5- Cinecitta

Modern Chairs by Marco Piva

The inspiration behind cinecittà is the cinematic world.

6- Miss You Wood

Modern Chairs by Marco Piva

Miss You Wood chair has a beech frame: bleached beech, wenge or black stained beech.

7- Scala

Modern Chairs by Marco Piva

With scala, the will to create a special project to celebrate the Milanese territory and culture is born, where the high quality of the workmanship and the combination, original and fascinating, of different materials, create a perfect balance of shapes and volumes capable of transmitting extraordinary tactile and visual perceptions.


8- Shades

Modern Chairs by Marco Piva

The collaboration of Marco Piva with casalgrande padana has created shades, a porcelain stoneware collection that plays on chromatic variations to generate effects of depth and apparent volume on a flat ceramic surface.


9- Slice

Slice is a “family” able to cover all the requirements related to contract spaces.

10- Versilia

The Versilia collection was inspired by a journey along the Tuscan coast when the sea is silent, and the boats remain in port. 

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