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Ultra Violet trends (Pantone Color of the Year)

Ultra Violet was the color choice of the year by Pantone, a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future! Are you ready to go to another galaxy with this incredible types to decorate your home from the most desirable color? 10 ideas of  Ultra Violet trends (Pantone Color of the Year) to use!

Ultra Violet trends (Pantone Color of the Year)

This color transmits an unexpected power into your life, why not to add also to your home decor?  Take a look at the following type for a modern and luxurious style.

Ultra Violet trends (Pantone Color of the Year)

For a perfect result bring to your home the latest trends, every detail is crucial to creating a unique space.

Ultra Violet trends (Pantone Color of the Year)

Ultra Violet trends (Pantone Color of the Year)

What is a living room without a modern chair? There are a lot of inspiring designs for a perfect one: Upholstered it in this super color and choose the velvet for a sophisticated touch.

Pantone color of the year it’s much more than just launching a trend it’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today.

A unique interior design project, with the right choice of colors and pieces with the attention in every detail, gives an incredible and luxurious result.

When designers are creating a project they must need the right power and emotion of color in their design strategy. An incredible project of violet trends, super chic for a living room decor.

Opt for trends that show off the best in your home decor, as this one a classic style to use that you do not regret it.

I hope this as shown trendy types and different ones to take for your decoration, you can use this color in every space and in different pieces of your house. Don’t miss the opportunity to use this color this year, definitely is going to fit perfectly into your lives.

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