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Colour of the Year and Modern Chairs: How to Use Very Peri

Colour of the Year and Modern Chairs is going to be today’s topic. With a carefree and confident display and a daring curiosity that animates our creative sprite, the Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri is inquisitive and intriguing, helping us embrace landscapes of possibilities, opening us IP to a new vision as we rewrite our lives. Pantone 17-3938 rekindles gratitude for some of the virtues that blue represents, complemented by a new perspective that rings true today. Very Peri casts a new light on the future.

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Colour of the Year and Modern Chairs: How to Use Very Peri

We are living in a period of transition. Very Peri (PANTONE 17-3938) is a representation of the current global zeitgeist and the transformation we are seeing. Our conceptions and norms are shifting as we emerge from a period of profound seclusion, and our physical and digital lives have fused in new ways. Digital design allows us to push the boundaries of reality by allowing us to enter a dynamic virtual environment where we may experiment with and develop new colour combinations. PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri highlights the merging of modern life and how colour trends in the digital world are manifesting in the physical world and vice versa, thanks to gaming patterns, the growing popularity of the metaverse, and the growing artistic community in the digital environment.

BRABBU London Apartment

Colour of the Year and Modern Chairs: How to Use Very Peri

“The Pantone Color of the Year reflects what is taking place in our global culture, expressing what people are looking for that colour can hope to answer,” added Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute. “Creating a new colour for the first time in the history of our Pantone Color of the Year educational colour program reflects the global innovation and transformation taking place. As society continues to recognize colour as a critical form of communication, and a way to express and affect ideas and emotions and engage and connect, the complexity of this new red-violet infused blue hue highlights the expansive possibilities that lay before us”.

PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri has a sprightly, happy attitude and dynamic presence that stimulates brave creativity and inventive expression. It embodies the traits of the blues while also having a violet-red undertone.

Colour of the Year and Modern Chairs: How to Use Very Peri

This living room design provides a sense of harmony and freshness to those who enter this space through a neutral colour scheme combined with a natural pop of green. So, the ESSEX Corner sofa together with the PADAUNG stool and even the curtains combine perfectly with the green of the OTTER Ottoman and the ELK Armchairs, creating a balanced and harmonious environment.

Colour of the Year and Modern Chairs: How to Use Very Peri

Colour of the Year and Modern Chairs: How to Use Very Peri

Elegance is the perfect definition for this contemporary kitchen, given its clean lines, that mixed with the purple Nº20 counter stools, filled the space with greater enjoyment, bringing moments where laughs and conversations flow seamlessly.

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