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Rooms Inspirations: Find the Best Ideas on this New Category

Rooms inspirations are our new category developed so you would be able to find easy inspiration for your future projects – going from entryways to living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, to bedrooms and offices, we also provide inspiration for hospitality and other contract projects!

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Rooms Inspirations: Find the Best Ideas on this New Category

Just like the astonishingly majestic crown jewels that have been in the British Royal Family for entire generations, so was this room designed to accompany a family for decades to come. The golden shine that emanates from some of the furnishings in the room together with the warm colour explosion of some other elements evokes the grandeur of the detailed jewellery that shines as bright as the sun when hit by the glorious sun. Ornamenting this room are the astonishing MAYA Armchairs, evoking the true intensity of luxury design, the astounding APIS Table Light shining its wonderful light on the SEQUOIA Center Table and the amazing MUSA Fireplace, as to embrace the family in wintery nights with its warmness.

Rooms Inspirations: Find the Best Ideas on this New Category

Dining rooms are the direct expression of a family, it is the place where most families gather after a long stressful day over good food and good conversation, so this dining room not only reflects the beautiful family that lives here but also their need to bond and connect with comfort food and furniture. The iconic ZULU Dining Chair is a major drawer of attention in this magnificent design, with its majestic red colour. The product is complemented by the incredible KOI II Dining Table, the unique AURUM Suspension Light, the intensely amazing CAY Square Mirror, and last, but not least, the PALM Rug. What an Intensely fierce combination.

Rooms Inspirations: Find the Best Ideas on this New Category

This wonderful kitchen belongs to the ‘Éternal’ Parisien Apartment. The social space encourages casual interaction, hence the kitchen island, with a green Alpi marble countertop and aged brass cabinets and appliances, located in the centre where is easy to interact with anyone seating at the nook or seated at the stunning cotton velvet NAJ Counter Chairs.

Rooms Inspirations: Find the Best Ideas on this New Category

This stunning and elegant office at La Finca Home in Madrid offers inspiration to both the client who works in it and those who merely pay a visit to their home. The DUKONO Armchair pulls all eyes into its wonderfully unique design, stealing some major attention even from the wonderfully designed DALYAN Dining Chair, all the while being supported by the uniquely splendid UMLAZA Rug. On the wall, overseeing this portrait office is the VELLUM Wall Light in all its glory.

Rooms Inspirations: Find the Best Ideas on this New Category

The wonderful ambience of this bedroom allows for extreme comfort that will turn your moments into instants of calm, peacefulness and inspired blissfulness. With the utterly fantastic and unique BARAKA Bedside Table and the amazing WALES Bed, this room is a masterclass in fierce products that bring out the inner peace in one’s mind and soul, perfectly contributing to the room’s peaceful ambience.

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Rooms Inspirations: Find the Best Ideas on this New Category

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