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UZCA Designs presents a Cosmopolitan Sophisticated Residence

UZCA Designs bring to life an amazing contemporary and sophisticated project in one of the most incredible cities in Europe, Prague. The worldwide recognized American interior design firm is famous for its personalized and bespoke residences. Let’s take a look.

UZCA Designs

Sophisticated Residence in Prague

The luxury home has a lovely personalised space that embraces innovation and distinctiveness. The dark tones are frequent in every room, giving the space a serious atmosphere but also providing a foundation for creativity to flourish. This interior design idea is modern and attractive, and it stands out for its depth in simplicity. An undertaking in which every detail is important, resulting in creative perfection.


The living room, as the centre and common area, plays a significant role in this interior design project. Taking cues from minimalism while paying close attention to detail, each piece beautifully completes the sophisticated living area.


Inspired by the look

modern living room design

The wood floor contrasts with the black wall, and the simple shapes make this a room ideal for relaxing as well as entertaining guests. A nicely balanced living area where luxury manifests itself in the most basic forms.

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uzca designs

The Dining Room, being an open room, logically shares space with the kitchen. These two spaces truly embrace the interior design project’s aesthetic. These rooms are opulent and refined, yet perfectly utilitarian, with black features and subtly lit subtly. The marble dining room adds a touch of nature to the otherwise sophisticated and global decor.

Book Collected Dining Rooms

modern bedroom design

Inspired by the look

modern bedroom design with chair

The master bedroom is one of the most personal spaces, where the client’s likes and individuality can be really assimilated.

modern bedroom design

The bed is the focal point of every bedroom, and its interior design makes it stand out from the rest of the pieces. From the artist’s wall lamp, which gives the ambient some mystery, to the futuristic chandelier, every piece is unique, adding depth to the project.

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book collected living room

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