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Chairs for Every Division: Let’s Enhance Your Home Decor

Chairs for Every Division will be today’s theme! The seasons of the year are now shifting, and so are we. In order to keep up with that shift, it is necessary to adapt the ambience around you too. So, it is time to give an upgrade to your home decor and what better and easy way to do it than with choosing a modern chair for each division? Let’s look at some examples.

Chairs for Every Division


Entryways are the first thing everyone who enters your home sees. It is their first impression of the most personal thing about you. You want to create a memorable and comfortable place where one feels safe and wants to be there. This entryway design portrays the unique brown colours and tones in the best way – the key is the balance between the two NANOOK Dining Chairs.

modern entryway with brown chairs

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Hallways should have the same attention as entryways – although they are not the first thing everyone sees, it is for sure a place people and you are consistently using. This hallway mixes only two colours, but the choice couldn’t be better. The pink velvet tones of the HERA Armchair are what make this hallway such a bespoke design.

modern hallway with velvet armchair

Living Room

It is in the living room where you spend most of your at-home time, with family or even friends. The design of this room is utterly important to make everyone feel comfortable and at home. This living room elevates for its balance. The two single sofas would look lifeless if there weren’t the two MALAY Armchairs giving it vibrancy.

modern living room with brown elements

Dining Room

Dining Rooms are places of gathering. After a long day of work, you just want to enjoy time with yourself or your family. This dining room is the perfect space for that. The strong nature inspiration coming from all the green hues is the perfect element to create such a unique final result. IBIS Dining Chairs take full credit for being the ultimate touch.

modern dining room with green dining chairs

Book Collected Dining Rooms


You eat in the dining room, but you cook the meal in the kitchen – so, if you see it from a different perspective, the kitchen design is utterly important to make the dining moment pleasurable. Kitchens don’t need to be boring and lacking elements; you can create a kitchen that is modern and sophisticated like this one,. In this golden look, the black leather of the KANSAS II Counter Stool adds elegance.

modern golden and black kitchen design


The bedroom is the most personal and intimate space in the whole house. Inserting a modern chair that would fit in this room could be the key to turning the bedroom into something even comfier. This bedroom design shows the opulence of the BOURBON Armchair.

bedroom design with velvet armchair

Reading Corner

Reading corners are places where you can read an abstract from the rest of the problems. No matter which reading corner route you go, making it a comfortable place doesn’t take much. You only need a modern space with a very comfortable and elegant armchair. This reading corner in neutral tones shows the unique design of the ELK Armchair in a very comfortable way.

modern reading corner


The closet has a very practical side, keeping every element in one unique place. This closet design shows how, even with a small space, creating a closet takes a lot more of the idea of having a place where you can distance yourself from your bedroom and prepare for the day.

modern closet with green armchair


Working from home can be a very sad and lonely part of your day. You probably choose to work in the kitchen or in the living room, not knowing that attitude impacts directly your work productivity. So, more than a practical side, creating an office can help you to create a separate room where you only go to work and free your creativity. This office design has the iconic and comfortable SIKA Armchair, while the BATAK Armchairs give space for guests or even colleagues.

modern office design

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book collected living room

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