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Open space design: What is and why it is trending

Open Space Design will be today’s topic. This has been one of the latest interior design trends. But what is it and why it is becoming so important in the world of interior design? Explore today’s article and become a master at open space design.

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Open Space Design

There are two basic types of layouts in home interior design: open floor plans and closed floor plans. Each arrangement has an impact on how a room feels in terms of light, mood, and sound.

open space design kitchen and dining area

What is Open Space Design?

An open floor plan is a living space architectural design that emphasises open areas with fewer separations between major rooms to enhance bonding and communication. This floor plan style, often known as an open concept, blends common areas into one open space to improve ease of movement and greater lighting while maximising your square footage.

open space design kitchen and living area

Your housemates and guests will be able to simply walk around the room if you have an open concept floor design. Because there is adequate room for everyone to walk around while they are ready for the day, open concepts are especially useful for dynamic families looking o maximize their comfort and practicability.

open space design kitchen and living area

The main perks of an open space design

Natural light may readily flow from one room’s window into another without any partitions or walls between the kitchen, living, and dining areas. More light can also help make a room feel larger in an open concept home or workplace. This is a win-win when it comes to maximising space and saving energy.

open space design kitchen and living area

When interacting with family, entertaining friends, or keeping an eye on youngsters or pets, an open layout allows sound to move more easily, provides better visibility, and fosters a sense of community. With this floor plan, you can see what’s going on in your open living rooms without being muted or obscured by closed doors and walls.

banner virtual showroom HS

modern kitchen design with open space design

Because there is plenty of area for your guests to mill around and interact, open floor designs are ideal for hosting small parties or game evenings. You can have a fluid discussion with your guests while preparing refreshments on the kitchen island without the barriers of kitchen doors.

open space design kitchen and living area

How to create your open space design

The first step in planning an open space is to identify focus points and work around them. You will avoid the possibility of creating a confusing area, as well as one that is “too open” – the polar opposite of a comfortable one.

open space design kitchen and hallway area

Another key is to create corners: create cosy places in the open space, like refugee places to go to. You can also create different heights to make the open space feel more welcoming.

open space design kitchen and dining area

While it is fine to work with diverse corners and focal points, the tip for building a pleasant open space area is to coordinate colours and materials. As a result, even if you work on different corners, you will maintain a similar design throughout the room, providing a visually pleasing setting in which everything appears well balanced to the eye.

open space design kitchen and dining area

At last, decorate. Choose the right elements, where all together tell a story that you and your guests understand and relate to. Once you start to make sense of a small portion of your room, the whole part will fall and fix accordingly.

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