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Modern Velvet Chairs: The Ideal Choices for Your Living Room

Modern Velvet Chairs for living rooms will be today’s topic. Living rooms are the centre of attention of every house. It is here that you rest after a long day, gather friends and family and have a great time. These are places that need to embody your style and personality and give that sense to everyone who visits it, so they need to be comfortable a feel like home but in a sophisticated kind of way. And do you know the best way to achieve this feeling? It is with the best modern velvet chairs that fit like a glove in every living room design. Let’s uncover them!

Modern Velvet Chairs

The best chairs for your living room

modern dark living room design with velvet armchair

Choosing how to design a dark living room can be tricky, but there is always a safe solution: a big structured armchair in neutral tones. It is the case of the unique COMO Armchair, that gives light to the room. This armchair is attributed to the beauty of nature, and that is why it has such defined lines. But it isn’t the only modern velvet chair in the picture. BEGONIA Armchair is also the perfect example of how colour can never be enough. Although it is in a strong red, the living room doesn’t lose its dark theme.

big structured velvet armchair dark green

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modern neutral living room design

The colour scheme of this living room is simply amazing, it is in neutral tones with some details in gold and green. This living room has several elements that altogether make it unique, and the central ones are the NAJ Armchairs. These two armchairs occupy a central position in the decoration of this living room, proving how a modern velvet chair is essential when decorating this type of space. These fully upholstered velvet armchairs have nickeled nails, a detail that sure makes them unique and differentiate them from the rest of the velvet chairs.

armchair with nickeled nails in velvet navy blue

white and pink living room design modern

Simple yet beautiful. These are the best words to describe this astonishing white and pink living room design. MALAY Armchair adds a subtle eccentric essence to this clean space with its unique design. It is a modern tufted velvet armchair with aged brass legs that embodies a mystical soul due to its inspiration, the Malay Archipelago.

tufted velvet armchair with aged brass legs

modern living room design with blue velvet armchairs

This is the description of the ideal living room: not that simple but not exuberant either. It has just the perfect amount of colour and the unicity of every element create this exquisite design. It is sure that the CAYO Armchairs are the main characters here. These modern blue velvet chairs add elegance to the set, making it a polished and on-style living room.

blue velvet armchairs

white and silver living room with velvet armchairs

A wide and clean living room is just the perfect place to spend time with your friends or read a book. The comfort and sophistication lyes on the unique NUKA Armchairs. Inspired by a glacier in Alaska, this grey velvet armchair has legs in glossy gold leaf, making it the perfect curved back modern velvet armchair for any living room design.

grey velvet armchair with legs in glossy gold leaf

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