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How to Clean Your Velvet Modern Chairs

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The home represents the place where we feel comfortable. According to our taste, we can personalize our home. For example, velvet modern chairs are a great choice, they are refined and special. In this guide through short and simple steps, we will see how to clean the velvet chairs.

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The styles you can choose are varied such as classic style, minimal style, ethnic style, modern style and many others. Accordingly, we decorate the accessories surrounding the room. The chairs can never be missed, they are lined according to our tastes.

How to Clean Your Velvet Modern Chairs

What do you need? Cloth, water, soap, dry velvet cleaning product, suede brush.

The first step to clean the velvet chairs is to try to understand the type of velvet of the chair. This is because according to the type of fabric we have to act differently, with different washing systems. If they are cotton or silk fibres the surface should be cleaned dry.

How to Clean Your Velvet Modern Chairs

How to Clean Your Velvet Modern Chairs

If your chair gets dirty, it is very important to intervene immediately. This is to prevent the liquid penetrating deeply and ruining the fabric forever. Immediately buffer the excess liquid with absorbent paper, and then turn the chair over in order to eliminate any other liquid. Take a non-coloured cloth, dampen it with water and rub the stained part. Then apply Marseille Soap Liquid. Rinse with another cloth until completely removing the soap.

How to Clean Your Velvet Modern Chairs

Soak your chair in a shady area of the house. Once dry, sprinkle the session with talcum and act for twelve hours. After this period of time, eliminate excess talcum by shaking the seat.

How to Clean Your Velvet Modern Chairs

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