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Modern Swivel Chairs: An Extravagant Functional Seating

Modern Swivel Chairs will be today’s topic. These chairs are extremely peculiar. Swivel Chairs have a single central leg that allows the seat to rotate 360 degrees to the left or right. But it is much more than that – Swivel Chairs are functional seating solutions, where comfort is always allied to modern high-end design. These types of chairs are usually used in the decoration of living rooms or dining rooms because it is where we seek comfort and sophisticated design the most. In these rooms, we usually tend to welcome people and host big dinner and party nights, or even work meetings – and swivel chairs are the most appropriate.

Modern Swivel Chairs

Extravagant Functional Seating

modern counter swivel chair in grey

Swivel chairs are extremely ergonomic because they allow more freedom of movement rather than twisting awkwardly when seated. DALYAN Counter Swivel Stool is an example of that. Inspired by the elegant and unique shapes of Cleopatra, this Swivel Stool is the ideal choice for a dining room design, like the one below.

modern beige and neutral tones with four swivel chairs dining room

This dining room design embodies the main characteristics of how a swivel chair can be the perfect choice for those who look for comfortable yet elegant seating solutions. In neutral tones, the whole set exudes warmth – and DALYAN Counter Swivel Stool is the main character.

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modern counter swivel chair in dark red

One of the main reasons why we love swivel chairs is because if you need to get something done quickly, a swivel chair will enable you to simply turn around with ease. BOURBON II Swivel Counter Stool is inspired by one of the most powerful historical houses in France, the Bourbons. This so distinct swivel chair embodies this opulence through its button-tufted inner back, rich cotton velvet and legs in ash with walnut stain matte varnish.

modern kitchen design with dining room incorporated

In this kitchen design, the BOURBON Swivel Counter Stool is the key element. Since this is a kitchen with a small dining area incorporated, you need to create the space as comfortable and dynamic as possible, and that is why swivel chairs should always be the go-for option.

modern counter swivel chair in white

The versatile nature of a swivel chair means it can be used by anyone in literally any room setting. KAROO Bar Swivel Chair has such a unique design that it can be used in different divisions and always fit in. Inspired by a semi-desert are in South Africa, this is an upholstered in velvet swivel counter stool that sure does impress in any room design, especially in kitchen or dining areas.

modern kitchen design

This kitchen design has such an inviting and warm vibe. It is the perfect place for a Sunday afternoon reunion with old friends or even some colleagues. The KAROO Bar Swivel Chairs give some freedom to the use of the space – the swivel chairs are there to be used in need but otherwise, they harmonise the space with their completely out of the ordinary design

modern counter swivel chair in green

What is it that sets a good swivel chair apart from other types of chairs? It moves. But, it is even better when it has a modern design that can adjust to any room division. CAYO Modern Swivel Dining Chair is inspired by the green scenery of the impressive green sea of Cayo Island. In a green velvet, it fits the perfect description of what type of chair to use in any room design, especially dining or kitchen design.

The townhouse dining room banner
modern dining room design with two swivel chairs

This small intimate dining room design is completely tailor-made to the owner’s personality because it has such strong values embodied. The use of the CAYO Modern Swivel Dining Chair makes it even more comfortable and cosy, the perfect space to relax with a good homemade meal or have a personal or professional meeting.

modern counter swivel chair in white

ESSEX Swivel Armchair is one of our bestsellers and all because of its unique design. This barrel chair is inspired by the metamorphosis and is upholstered in velvet with a base in a brushed aged brass matte. This armchair, contrary to the previous, is the seating solution that better fits any room design – you can see it in a bedroom, living room, dining room or even library decor.

modern neutral tones living room deisgn

This modern neutral tone living room design has as its central item the beautiful ESSEX Armchair that sure does all the work for the rest of the decoration.

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What did you think about this article on how to use your modern swivel chairs? Don’t forget to visit our Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook accounts, for more modern interior design inspiration and decorating ideas.

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