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Modern Chairs for Living Rooms: The Ultimate Touch of Charm

Modern Chairs for Living Rooms will be today’s topic. Living Rooms deserve more attention when designing them because they are the areas where people spent most of their time when at home. It is the place where you can rest after a busy stressful day, and you want to do it in a proper space: comfortable but still elegant, tailor-made to your personal taste. Choosing neutral colours to decor these spaces is a safe choice since you have the certainty that the colour palette will always make you feel relaxed. But do you know what is the other safe choice for a charming living room? The right modern chair. So today let’s dive into it and discover some inspiration.

Modern Chairs for Living Rooms

The Ultimate Touch of Charm

Modern living room design with two upholstered armchairs

When furnishing a living room we always seek to choose the most comfortable yet beautiful things, and this living room design is an example of that. The MAYA Armchair adds elegance to the room with its unique design resembling a goddess. This velvet armchair is inspired by the Mayan Civilization and the primary elements of their culture. In this scenario, the MAYA Armchair is the ideal addition to the rest of the living room decoration.

brown and golden living room design with velvet swivel armchair

 This living room demonstrates how you can achieve a sophisticated design in your living room without giving up comfort. The ESSEX Swivel Armchair is surely the central point, due to its unique design. This barrel chair is upholstered in velvet and has a base in brushed aged brass matte, bringing charisma and personality to the room.

clean and modern living room design with white velvet armchair

MAYA Armchair in highlight again. This upholstered armchair sure is one of the main examples of modern chairs for living rooms. In this clean and wide space, the MAYA Armchair adds charm and almost invites everyone to seat and spend time in here. Such warm and cosy vibes.

grey upholstered velvet armchairs living room design

When it comes to decorating a home, neutral colours that are paired with the brightness of minor elements are becoming more popular since they make places more sophisticated and pleasant at the same time. It is the case of this living room area with the two NUKA Armchairs. These upholstered in cotton velvet chairs are inspired by a glacier in Alaska and here they represent the fierceness of nature.

contemporary living room design with four brown velvet armchairs

Brown is the queen colour of this contemporary living room design. The MALAY Armchairs perform such an important role in assembling all the elements of this space together creating a beautiful modern decor. Inspired by the mesmerising Malay Archipelago, this modern mid-century tufted velvet armchair with aged brass legs has a mystical soul that will fulfil any living room set with the energy from nature.

modern cosy living room design with velvet swivel armchair

From whites to browns, with unrivalled lightness and sophistication. A formal living room with a laid-back vibe. We can sense the contemporary design within this one-of-a-kind living space by blending modern style with a neutral contemporary essence – and the touch of ESSEX Swivel Armchair.

modern living room design with upholstered furniture and brown armchairs

This is such a modern living room design filled with beautiful upholstered furniture. It creates the ideal vibe for a cosy and comfortable living room space with details that make it unique and memorable.

modern living room design with gold and wood-toned palette

This amazing living room has such a welcoming vibe. It is designed with gold and wood-toned palette and opens out onto seven windows with stunning views of the Seine and the aristocratic Avenue Montaigne.

modern living room design with white and wood details

This decor is so elegant and calming, emphasizing the natural components utilized to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere: raw, solid-wood Versailles-style flooring, clean walls, and gracefully geometric mouldings and cornices reflecting light. The dominant colours of each element are carefully chosen, resulting in a modern interior design.

modern living room design white and golden details

This living room design pays tribute to the space and its natural light. A simple, tasteful interior design, where the colour white is blended in every texture and shape, promoting a creative and conscious mind.

The townhouse dining room banner

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