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Design Events at Salone del Mobile

This year’s Salone del mobile gathered some of the best and most diversified Design Events of the year. After the two-year break, the greatest interior design expo in the world create a full calendar to inspire everyone’s interest in the world of interior design. Let’s take a look at some of the design events that took place at Milan Design Week.

Milan Design Week and Salone del mobile

design events

Insight on the events

Open Talks: There will always be a design emergency

Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator in the Department of Architecture and Design and Director of Research and Development at MoMA, and Alice Rawsthorn, a journalist, critic, and design expert have discussed the amazing diversity of design and its efficacy in addressing urgent problems.

They wrote Design Emergency: Building a Better Future, which was released by Phaidon in May. We attended their discussion, There Will Always Be a Design Emergency, at SaloneSatellite, where they discussed the project’s history and included excerpts from previous interviews.

design events

Exemplifications of how designers are solving complex challenges in different fields in order to improve our lives safer, healthier, happier, more productive, and inclusive.

design events

Design Voices

Design Voices! STIR and Salone del Mobile.Milano in collaboration with Dog Ear has the purpose of sharing different points of view and active dialogues are crucial for a greener and more equitable future. During the fair, they showed highlights bringing the very best of the on-site buzz from the heart of the global design village.  

design events

During this open podcast, Maria Cristina Didero, part of an all-female trio behind the Talks programme at Milan Design Week 2022, spoke about her curatorial approach to discussing sustainable design.

design events

Focusing on how an object comes to be and the makers behind it as storytellers, rather than just the object itself. “My curatorial approach has remained consistent, teaching that design is all about people, not chairs – for me, it’s about relationships and all that occurs before and after the end result”, she says.

Design is all about people, not about chairs

About her work, Maria Cristina Didero says “The best, hands down, is interacting with people. I feel incredibly lucky because I step into interesting people, their lives and what makes them, and get to learn so much. The worst part? The managing, scheduling, and setting up – but honestly, that discomfort is diminutive compared to the pleasure of hearty working”.

design events

About the invitation to become part of the panel at the 60th anniversary of Salone del mobile, Maria plans to instigate dialogue related to the subject of sustainability, and propose a different approach to it. “I seek to bring and attempt a more “humanistic” approach to the subject, something that the three speakers actually share in their professions and works. It will focus more on people – what they do, and are capable of doing”.

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