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Best Fabrics FOR Upholstered Modern Chairs

When choosing a chair, convenience and practicality are important. All the details of the chair should provide comfort to the owner and last a long time. Often the upholstery wears out when using the chair.In order to not have to change the upholstery ahead of time, you need to carefully treat the choice of the chair. The right upholstery can easily transform the look and feel of your dining room, living room or home office furniture. If you’re on the verge of select the best fabrics for upholstered dining chairs  Modern Chairs gives you some research to make sure you pick the right one!

modern chairs

There are many different textures, colors and patterns to choose from, including cotton fabric, leather fabric, linen fabric and silk fabric, so be sure to consider what makes sense for your family, as well as what complements your dining room’s decor. You can find various modern chairs with different upholstered in BRABBU.

modern chairsSo let’s decide with what kind of fabrics you could choose to upholstered dining chairs!

Natural Fabrics:

Cotton: Cotton is durable and resistant to wear, fading and pilling, but not as resistant to dirt and wrinkling. Cotton can go from casual to formal depending on the weave.

Cotton blend: Cotton blends are slightly more durable than cotton due to the mix of additional fibers.

Leather: Extremely durable and functional, leather wears well and gets better with age.

Linen: Resistant to pilling and fading, linen provides a crisp and casual look to furniture. However, it wrinkles and shows dirt easily.

Silk: This elegant fabric will add a sophisticated and formal touch to furniture. Due to its delicacy, its best for light use and requires professional cleaning.

Wool: Blended with synthetic fiber for easier maintenance, wool is durable while also being resistant to pilling, fading, wrinkling and soil.

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modern chairsSynthetics:

Acetate: Developed as imitation silk, acetate is resistant to pilling and shrinking, however it doesn’t hold up well for everyday use due to its tendency to wear, wrinkle and fade in the sun.

Acrylic: Developed as imitation wool, acrylic may pill easily if not of high quality. However, it’s softer than natural wool, and is resistant to wear, wrinkling, dirt and fading.

Microfiber: Made from polyester fibers, microfiber is similar to suede and is easy to maintain, durable, and affordable.

Nylon: Nylon is often blended with other fibers, creating a durable fabric that won’t wrinkle or soil but may fade and pill.

Polyester: Usually found in a blend with other fibers, polyester is resistant to wrinkling and fading.

Rayon: Though prone to wrinkling, rayon is durable and affordable.

Vinyl: Durable and affordable, vinyl is a more affordable option compared to leather.

modern chairsAlso worth paying attention to special fabrics with Teflon coating: they repel liquid and other impurities from themselves, so that even after several years they look like new ones. Such coating can have velor, tapestry, jacquard and other materials.

modern chairsAnd so before you go shopping, carefully consider the future acquisition in order to choose the best option, which will please you for a long time and give you pleasure. If you are looking for an armchair for guests, choose a beautiful model with an interesting design: for example, twisted legs, a backrest decorated with wooden carvings, other creative forms. If the chair will not sit often, you can safely buy products with light textile upholstery, and if you plan to sit in it every day, it is better to limit yourself to more practical options.

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modern chairs

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