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6 Top Reading Chairs: When Design Meets Comfort

Beautiful design and extreme comfort are far from being two opposite concepts. On the contrary, they work extremely well together to produce the most beautiful and refined pieces out there. Enjoying a good book has to do with the story told but also with the comfort of your seat and the beauty of your interior. In this article, we offer you a selection of stunning reading chairs, where design meets comfort.

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6 Top Reading Chairs: When Design Meets Comfort

SIKA armchair by BRABBU blends strength and elegance in the best way. Its reddish leather, its most disctinctive feature, turns the piece into a strong modern accent chair that will for sure make a statement in your home décor. The piece’s imposing arms and headrest provide its guests with all the comfort that they need. You can find it in Covet House Douro.

Comfy and cozy cushions matched with a simple yet elegant design create a wonderful piece of furniture that will please all the book lovers out there.

6 Top Reading Chairs: When Design Meets Comfort

MAYA armchair by BRABBU features the sensual and delicate forms of Maya’s Maize God, which was personified as a woman. This stunning design makes it the perfect center piece of a bedroom or living room set, near your library.

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6 Top Reading Chairs: When Design Meets Comfort

A simple, minimalist design is guaranteed to be your best companion for your long and fantastic reading sessions. The soft color of its fabric and the comfort of its seat will make you feel warm and cozy.

6 Top Reading Chairs: When Design Meets Comfort

If you are looking for a more audacious and playful design, you should consider a stunning accent chair with a bright color and curved lines, such as this superb piece. You will be able to be fully curled up in its embrace while enjoying your favorite book.

6 Top Reading Chairs: When Design Meets Comfort

INCA armchair by BRABBU was inspired by the legends of the Inca Empire. The stunning mid century modern piece of furniture is covered in a lovely blue-green velvet which bring back the intensity of the remarkable civilization. It provides the most comfortable seat to book lovers while adding style and elegance to your interior.

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