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Philippe Starck: A Staggering Collection of Armchairs

Internationally acclaimed French creator, designer, and architect, Philippe Starck is an untiring and rebellious citizen of the world, who considers it his duty to share his ethical and subversive vision of a fairer planet, creates unconventional objects whose purpose is to be “good” before being beautiful. Today, we’re showing you some of the fantastic armchairs present in his collection.

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Most of his designs have become cult objects, and his hotels are nothing short of iconic.  An enthusiastic advocate of sustainability, Starck lives with his wife Jasmine, mostly on an airplane, in Paris, Burano, and on his oyster farm in the southwest of France.

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Stark is internationally adored and admired by design lovers but also less expert individuals who find comfort in his familiar and at times ironic creations. He is a unique inventor in our times. His pieces sometimes look more like artworks than every-day objects.

Philippe Starck

“When we think of an armchair, we always think more, bigger, more of everything. Cara shows that to the contrary the less we do, the less we have and the better we are.
The elegance of the minimum.” – Philippe Starck


“If all presidents and kings of the world had an extraordinarily comfortable armchair like Cinemascope, can you imagine the level of thinking, conversation and decision?
Cinemascope is the armchair that can save the world.” Ph.S


“The sculptural armchair which has decided to protect your most important body part: your brain, and your most vital activity: your dreams.” Ph.S


« Like the Petite Robe Noire, Madame is a must-have for fashion designers. » Ph.S


“A confortable rocking sculpture, visible or invisible, a high-technology masterpiece.” Ph.S


«My family of Kartell ‘uncles and aunts’ is the minimalist technological version of the armchairs and sofas where my uncles and aunts used to sit smoking their pipes or knitting by the fireplace in total peace and serenity. Times have changed, furnitures too, but dreams are still the same. » Ph.S


“A photons trap.
The perfect angle to capture the energy of each ray of our good sun. “Ph. S


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What do you think of Philippe Starck and his armchair collection? Let us know, we are curious! For more modern interior design inspiration and decorating ideas, don’t forget to visit our Pinterest and our Instagram account!

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