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Ancient Greece Aesthetic in Chairs: Hellenistic Revival

Hellenistic Revival is the current Interior Design trend on Pinterest. As a modern and dynamic culture, we are always progressing and growing – trends adapt alongside us, following our wishes and, on occasion, even returning to historical aesthetics. In today’s article, we will explore the Ancient Greece Aesthetic in interior design, especially in chairs.

Ancient Greece Aesthetic in Chairs Hellenistic Revival

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What is Hellenist Revival?

During the Hellenistic period, a new wave of Greek colonialism established Greek towns and kingdoms throughout Asia and Africa. As a result, Greek culture and language spread to these new territories, eventually reaching modern-day India. Hellenistic Revival is a style influenced by Ancient Greece, with aspects ranging from Corinthian house décor to Aphrodite-themed wallpaper.

Ancient Greece Aesthetic in Chairs Hellenistic Revival

This trend is predictable given the resurgence of the ‘Dark Academia’ aesthetic after the epidemic. To deal with the increased amount of time spent in front of their digital devices, students sought to romanticise academics. Still, the Hellenistic Revival is more than a manifestation of teenage impulses.

Ancient Greece Aesthetic in Chairs Hellenistic Revival

The Hellenistic Revival style mixes aesthetic aspects from ancient Greece with modern décor to produce a design that pays homage to this time of history. Greek-inspired lovers like anything from Corinthian columns to neoclassical-inspired wallpapers, as well as greek statue art inspirations.

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Ancient Greece Aesthetic in Chairs Hellenistic Revival

Ancient Greece, Greco-Roman art, sculptures, and mythological depictions of gods all had a strong effect on Hellenistic design. This style can also be seen in chairs and the way they uplift an interior.

Ancient Greece Aesthetic in Chairs Hellenistic Revival

More than a chair inspired by the ancient greek culture, in order to follow this current trend, the decor style must incorporate whimsical elements to create a home design that feels revitalising and transforming. There are several ways to add Hellenistic Revival elements into your home.

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