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Uncover Opulent and Modern Design: The Empire Penthouse in New York

Uncover Opulent and Modern Design: The Empire Penthouse in New York is the new project developed by BRABBU and the HOME’SOCIETY STUDIO. Starting by creating homes in Paris, Madrid and London, New York was the next logical step into developing a modern home in a great metropolis.

Uncover Opulent and Modern Design
The ‘Empire’ Penthouse

Located in Midtown, Billionaires Row, the Opulent ‘Empire’ Penthouse has the best views over the entiry city, especially over the iconic Central Park. The ‘Empire’ Penthouse is located in a slim, elegant, and architectural wonder of a building beacuse for a uniquely designed Penthouse, we needed a uniquely designed building. The Opulent ‘Empire’ Penthouse is owned by a high-class businesswoman and has two rooms, a bedroom and an officeone full-service bathroom, and one service bathroom. It is characteristic for its light, high-end modern design, and uniquely amazing views. 

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Uncover Opulent and Modern Design
Modern Luxury Interior Design

We are greeted by a world of marble, subtle tones and textures, and natural light coming from the open-space common area as soon as we approach the penthouse through one of two private elevators. The kitchen, living room, and dining room are linked at floor level but divided by the height of the ceiling. The kitchen and dining room are the same height, while the living room is double-height, giving the space dynamism and vibrancy. Central Park surround this open space on all corners.

The penthouse’s private area face south, with views of Midtown and Downtown. The main bedroom includes gentle tones and textures, while the main bathroom showcases gold tones over marble in a sunset-inspired design. The owner can concentrate and work in the second bedroom, which has been converted into a home office. The dark and golden tones on a neutral background give the impression that we are in an office, however without giving up the comforts of home.

Uncover Opulent and Modern Design
Exploring Room by Room

Fifth Avenue Entryway

Fifth Avenue is the most famous shopping street often being referred to as Millionaire’s Row. So, as the owner personality, the entryway to her own house should feel as expensive and luxurious as this famous avenue. So, everyone who entre this entryway is contemplated with a kind of luxury that has a fundamental role in setting the design tone for the whole house. The misture of gold, black and white is famous for bringing a touch of class and modernity into a home and this is clearly the perfect example of how to design with these luxurious colours.

Uncover Opulent and Modern Design: The Empire Penthouse in New York

Mirrors have an essential role in home design due to their purpose but also to their design, and the KAAMOS Mirror fits the ideal mirror on the wall with a flat mirror and three different materials surrounding it. The BLACK INK Rug brings a modern classic element through its design and colours, and the INFINITY Console and GALLIANO Wall Lamp complete this modern luxurious entryway design.

The Dendur Living Room

One of the best exhibitions at the Metropolitan Art Museum was inspired by the remnants of an over 2,000-year-old Egyptian Temple, The Roman Emperor Ceasar Augustus commissioned the Temple of Dendur in honour of Isis and Osiris, as well as two Nubian sons, Pediese and Pihor. This luxurious, open-plan living area is inspired by all of the temple’s awe-inspiring features.

Uncover Opulent and Modern Design: The Empire Penthouse in New York

Just like the temple, this living room also protects social interactions, something that is sacred. Although Living rooms design can be focused on practicality and functionality, comfort and elegance can’t be forsaken. This bright living room has all the comfort and functionality of the SHINTO Centre Tables in either the rectangular or square shape, the latter being used as a side table, showcasing these products’ versatility.  

The Townhouse Dining Room

The dining room can be the heart of a home. It is a place where you share meals with your family and friends and where you disconnect after a long day at work. Therefore, the design is utterly important to make you feel like you are at home and have a space perfect for some quality time. Embracing patterns and textures can be what completes the look to give a unique essence to the environment. This dining room maintains the warm pastel and white tones of the rest of the house, which has a significant impact on our mood. Because of the peaceful feelings it transmits, it is beneficial when we want to spend time with family and friends. 

Uncover Opulent and Modern Design: The Empire Penthouse in New York

This ambience demonstrates how a zen-like environment may be quite relaxing and minimal. But in order to get the right minimalism style, every dining room design should consider furniture that is captivating and mesmerizing in its most basic form. Our high-class businesswoman hosts a few business dinners as well as dinners with friends, so this dining room has all the requirements: it has formal and functional elements mixed with comfort and modernity. The SHINTO Rectangular Dining Table alongside the RUKAY Dining Chair provides the comfortable, elegant, and sophisticated elements for long and important dinners.

Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen, also known as Clinton, is a New York City neighbourhood on the West Side of Manhattan. This area is known for its broad array of multicultural, modestly priced eateries, delicatessens, bodegas, bars, and nightlife.

Uncover Opulent and Modern Design: The Empire Penthouse in New York

There are two essential things when designing a kitchen: functionality and practicability without leaving aside comfort and sophistication. This beautiful kitchen’s design maintains the same colour palette and textures with has an island in white marble illuminated by the elegant brass with Quartz diffusers NAICCA Pendant Lights, and the new BOURBON Swivel Counter Stool with a swivel base giving a dynamic element to this design. 

The Strand Office

The Strand was founded in 1927 on Fourth Street, on what was then known as ‘Book Row.’ On Book Row, which covered six city blocks, there were 48 bookstores. This home office, which has been inspired by this historic bookstore, is a calm and balanced place where the owner can concentrate and work.

Uncover Opulent and Modern Design: The Empire Penthouse in New York

Working from home has been one of the most popular trends in the previous ten years, so it is no surprise that designers care much about the design of such zones as possible, especially if the atmosphere is conducive to effective work and creativity, free of distractions. It is the case of this home office – it has a calm and harmonious colour palette that creates the ideal backdrop for concentration and focus while working. With a floor-to-ceiling window, this highly illuminated space has the comfort of the SIKA Armchair to be used by the owner, and the BATAK Armchairs to be used by the guests of her business meetings. 

High-line Bedroom 

The High Line is among the city’s most popular attractions, with a unique combination of art, nature, and architecture that justifies its popularity. The owner’s personality is expressed in this bedroom’s soft tones and textures with opposing features.

Uncover Opulent and Modern Design: The Empire Penthouse in New York

The owner’s personality is represented in this neutral palette backdrop and floor-to-ceiling windows, and this design exudes tranquillity and harmony. Being a classy businesswoman, the bedroom has classical colours showcased on the black headboard, nightstand, and side table, and modern colours provided by the fully upholstered COMO Armchairs and WALES Bench. The AMIK Table Lights with the shader in light brown and structure in black harmonise both styles.

Plaza Bathroom

Inspired by Plaza Hotel, which is known for its opulent design and old-world charm, including its modern amenities. Everything about this town shines brightly with gold—literally. This mentality was continued over to the main bathroom. After a long day, the bathroom is our place of self-indulgence, private refuge, and relaxation. Bathrooms often are neglected in interior design; we tend to think of them as merely a functional space where we get ready and leave.

Uncover Opulent and Modern Design: The Empire Penthouse in New York

Long candlelit baths with bubbles, on the other hand, can play a crucial role in our peace of mind and relaxation moments. The color palette must always be taken into consideration when designing our bathrooms. We need to make sure that the colors we chose suit both the division and the body of the house. After long days at work with endless meeting, the house owner enjoys taking some time just for herself, claiming her time in her own private retreat. For that, the Symphony Bathtub with its oval shape is the ideal choice – its elongated form allows for a long bath in the utmost comfort. The Koi Rug adds another touch of elegance to this beautiful bathroom. Fully illuminated by the Empire Snooker and Empire Wall, this bathroom shines just like gold in its luxurious gold and white decor.

City’s Island Powder Room 

Uncover Opulent and Modern Design: The Empire Penthouse in New York

Inside one’s home, the City Island Powder Room is an exquisite oasis to refresh one’s soul. Designed just for the essentials, this powder room has the Metropolitan Washbasin in black with the Lapiaz Vessel Sink in gold and the Kilimanjaro Mirror is wide enough so the owner does not smudge herself, with the Ike Pendant providing just enough light to make sure everything is sleek and on point. 

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