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The Best Armchair Designs for your Home

To uplift the mood of your home, have you ever considered adding modern and trendy chairs? Then, you came to the right place. This is your article on the Best Armchair Designs.

Best Armchair Designs

BATAK Armchair

modern chair one of the best armchair designs

Batak, one of the world’s oldest tribes, has a rich culture and compelling traditions. Our designers were inspired by this and created the BATAK Velvet Chair, a completely upholstered chair with a light structure and a lot of personalities. This barrel-shaped modern lounge orange velvet armchair will liven up any living room ensemble.

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BEGONIA Armchair

modern chair best armchair designs

Begonia is a lovely flower native to tropical regions. BEGONIA Velvet Armchair was inspired by its warm energies and the bold shape of its petals. With its charming curves and soft cotton velvet upholstery, this curved back armchair is ideal for an elegant modern interior design.

BOURBON Armchair

best armchair designs

The House of Bourbon was a French dynasty known for its class and splendour. With its button-tufted inner back, rich cotton velvet, and ebony wood veneer legs, the BOURBON Velvet Armchair embodies this grandeur. This modern upholstered green velvet armchair complements any refined setting.

CLERK Armchair

best armchair designs

Bishop and Clerk is a commanding mountain peak in Australia with a breathtaking view. It was the inspiration for the CLERK Wingback Chair, a striking velvet-upholstered armchair with high-gloss lacquered legs. Because of its exquisite presence, this contemporary wingback armchair will undoubtedly spice up any living room set or office design.

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DALYAN Armchair

best armchair designs

Cleopatra and her opulent and elegant furniture inspired the DALYAN Armchair. It is the ideal modern upholstered armchair solution for impressive living room decor, with upholstery in synthetic leather and legs in matte lacquered matching the fabric.

DAVIS Armchair

best armchair designs

The Davis Sea, which runs along the East Antarctica coast, inspired our designers to create the DAVIS Wingback Armchair. Because of its timeless design, this green velvet upholstered high-back winged armchair with green matte lacquered legs will add character and elegance to any modern interior design.

DUKONO Armchair

best armchair designs

Dukono, one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, embodies unpredictability. The same as the DUKONO Wingback Chair. This high-back chair has a nailhead trim that contrasts with the synthetic leather upholstery. Place it in a modern home and watch DUKONO High Back Winged Armchair fill the space with its strong personality.

ELK Armchair

best armchair designs

Elk kelp is a species of algae known for its fascinating beauty, with distinctive branches. Like the ELK Velvet Armchair and its outstanding modern chair design. This curved back armchair, upholstered in cotton velvet and with a base in glossy aged brass and black glossy lacquered, will add refined elegance to any modern living room set.

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ESSEX Armchair

best armchair designs

The process of changing from caterpillar to butterfly is known as metamorphosis. It was the inspiration for the ESSEX Modern Swivel Armchair. This velvet-upholstered barrel chair has a brushed aged brass matte base that adds character. This modern velvet armchair will add an element of elegance to any contemporary living room design that only velvet swivel chairs can provide.

IGUAZU Armchair

best armchair designs

The Iguazu Falls are located on the border between Argentina and Brazil and offer one of the most breathtaking views in the world. The IGUAZU Wing Chair perfectly combines the power of these captivating waterfalls. This modern wingback velvet armchair with matte lacquered legs is the ideal addition to any modern living room set.

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