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7 Sublime Living Room Chairs Featuring Wood

A modern design featuring wood is the perfect way to create elegant and natural vibes in your living room. The material usually brings peace to the atmosphere, and accompanies in a judicious way the fabric of the chair. Have a look here at 7 sublime living room chairs featuring wood.

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7 Sublime Living Room Chairs Featuring Wood

NANOOK armchair by BRABBU features a design inspired by the master of bears. The piece blends the beauty and grandiosity of the animal through its wooden legs and arms, as well as its robust shape covered in white leather.

7 Sublime Chairs Featuring Wood

Wood works amazing well to create a peaceful and natural atmosphere in a living room. Accompanied by green plants and light-colored furniture, you will instantly feel relaxed in the embrace of your accent chair.

7 Sublime Living Room Chairs Featuring Wood

BOURBON armchair by BRABBU reflects the royaly and luxury of the Bourson dynasty, through its capitoné and dark wooden legs. The piece fits perfectly in any refined ambience.

7 Sublime Living Room Chairs Featuring Wood

Create the most beautiful ambience with a modern chair made of wood and soft grey upholstery…

7 Sublime Living Room Chairs Featuring Wood

7 Sublime Living Room Chairs Featuring Wood

INCA armchair by BRABBU was inspired by the legends of the Inca empire. This mid-century modern furniture piece covered in velvet brings back the intensity of Inca´s coloured clothes and its shape reminds us of the sculpted mountains in the landscape of Peru.

7 Sublime Living Room Chairs Featuring Wood

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