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Peter van de Water: Interior Design as a Learning Process

For Peter van de Water, designing is a constant learning process, with every step the foundation gets stronger. This growth is visible in his work, starting his career with clean minimalistic designs evolving to more detailed and sculptural shapes in recent years.

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He loves making scale models, sketches, renderings and prototypes. All of this in his design studio in his beloved neighborhood Oud-west in Amsterdam. Come and meet some of the designer’s work as well as his modern chairs collection.

Peter van de Water
Easy Easy Chair

All designs made by Peter van de Water are based on a single strong idea. These ideas are made into a recognizable, sometimes iconic design. The road from this idea to the final product is looking for that perfect combination of aesthetics, function & construction, all in close collaboration with his valued clients. Designs should be contemporary, but also need to have a timeless quality.

Gustav Jr.

With every new design, the goal is to design a product that will last. There is no guarantee for a design, becoming a classic. But they should last for many years in production, construction and also in appearance.


Making it a more durable product. In the near future he sees sustainability as the biggest challenge and obligation for the furniture industry.

Wing Chair

His mantra is to keep focussing on what he can do, instead of on what he can’t do. Be progressive, be opportunistic, but most important, act.

Gustav Chair

He is calling for his industry to keep on addressing, designing and producing more and more sustainable, and make this the “The new normal”. It is simply a new requirement besides, aesthetics, function & construction.

Ebook -  Top 100 Interior Designers

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What do you think of  Peter van de Water and his chair collection? Let us know, we are curious! For more modern interior design inspiration and decorating ideas, don’t forget to visit our Pinterest and our Instagram account!

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