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Modern Minimal Chair Design: 5 Modern Chairs for All Divisions

Modern minimal chair design is going to be today’s topic! The Modern Minimal Design Style is popular because it is light and free, where everything is in perfect order and organised. This style allows expressing your personality without the use of eccentric accessories. Clean lines, reductive, uncluttered and monochromatic simplicity, the ‘less is more’ philosophy are some of the things we immediately associate with the Modern Minimal Design.

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Modern Minimal Chair Design
The Modern Minimal

Modern Minimal Design is the desire to achieve excellent interiors with the minimal use of adorns, having simplicity in form, space, materials, details and colours whilst still paying attention to these small details. The Modern Minimal Style has shape prevailing over purpose: streamline shaped furniture, with stainless steel or chromatic details and wood, linoleum or stone tile floors. The neutral palette is king, ranging from white, beige, grey and other light shade colours. 

Modern Minimal allows the focus to be on something more than space. Everything should be functional and add value to the room; for example, in a dining room, we need a table and chairs – these items have to ‘speak’ to one another and have to be capable of relating in terms of form, colour, lines, shape. They must work together in their raw shape to create an intense space. The design architecture includes the use of reductive design elements, without ornamentation or decoration, condensing the content and form of the design to its bare essentials. It reveals to be the essence of the Modern Minimal interiors.

Modern Minimal Chair Design: 5 Modern Chairs for All Divisions

Modern Minimal Chair Design
The Modern Chairs

When incorporating the Modern Minimal design to common areas such as the kitchen, we should not only make sure to incorporate the necessary appliances and seating required,  but also ensure that each extent is imbued with its sense of style. Combining a soft and neutral colour, such as white, with wood is at the core of this style, and so is giving a slice of colour such as black. White and black kitchens are a common sight in the Modern Minimal style. In this simple design, bits of colour in the way of natural wood, yellow, and red manages to shine through.

Modern Minimal Chair Design
The Essentials

Modern Minimal Chair Design: 5 Modern Chairs for All Divisions

Keep your modern, monochromatic hallway interior interesting by pairing different textures or adding small metallic touches. As in this entry, where we combine the BRYCE Side Table, with a fibreglass body and finishes in high gloss black lacquer with gold leaf and DUKONO Armchair upholstered in synthetic leather. To harmonize the environment we also added the wonderful NIKU Wall Light.

Modern Minimal Chair Design: 5 Modern Chairs for All Divisions

Create an appealing monochromatic colour scheme with a bit of texture for a modern and sophisticated living room is combine the ESSEX Swivel Armchair, upholstered in velvet and base in brushed aged brass matte which was inspired on Metamorphosis, the transformation process from caterpillar to butterfly, with the LATZA Center Table and the INCEPTION Rug by Rug’Society!

Modern Minimal Chair Design: 5 Modern Chairs for All Divisions

The DALYAN Dining Chair, inspired by Cleopatra and the famous mud baths in Turkey, breathes elegance and is the perfect seating solution for this impressive dining room decor. The synthetic leather of this mid-century modern design chair will give the final touch to every project together with the impressive and elegant AGRA Coffee Table, made of Estremoz Marble and with polished brass details!

Modern Minimal Chair Design: 5 Modern Chairs for All Divisions

The MALAY Counter Stool, upholstered in synthetic leather and glossy black lacquered legs, is a graceful but comfortable chair with a mystical soul that, with the help of the modern NIKU Pendant Light with a structure in gold plated brass, shaders in gold plated brass and glass, will fulfill your entire kitchen ambience with an abundance of energy.

Modern Minimal Chair Design: 5 Modern Chairs for All Divisions

This modern minimal reading corner has COMO Armchair as the main product. COMO Armchair is a tribute to Lake Como, in Italy, and its dramatic sceneries and lovely water lilies. This armchair is fully upholstered in velvet, making it an excellent chair design to relax after a long day. To create an extra sparkle in your library we add PADAUNG Stool, a stool with a base in brushed aged brass and tilia wood which represents Padaung women and their neck rings.

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Modern Minimal Chair Design: 5 Modern Chairs for All Divisions

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