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Modern Kitchen Counter Stools: Leather or Velvet?

Modern Kitchen Counter Stools will be today’s topic, in particular the choice between leather or velvet counter stools. Counter stools are tall stools that often have a footrest to support the feet. Because of their height and narrowness, these types of chairs are ideal for a modern kitchen design. Counter stools are often smaller than bar chairs, and this is the main difference between them. So, if you are looking for the best interior design to redecorate your kitchen and transform it into the ultimate modern design, risk it all for the ideal counter stool. But the question that remains is: which cover should you choose, leather or velvet? Let’s check some examples.

Modern Kitchen Counter Stools

Leather VS Velvet

First, what is a counter stools? The counter stool is a sort of restaurant seating that allows you to sit comfortably behind a counter. Counter stools can be utilized on bar counters, adjustable height restaurant tables, kitchen countertops, or any other dining location. In this article, we will look into the best modern counter stools for your kitchen design.

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Leather Counter Stools

Leather and velvet are two completely different types of materials, so we will look into each one’s perks. Leather has some primer benefits, such as being a long-lasting material and repairable. Good leather ages well and lasts almost a lifetime, and in case you damage it is easy to repair.

modern brown leather counter stool

MALAY Counter Stool is the first example we have of how a leather counter stool can be so fittable in a modern kitchen design. This is a tufted upholstered chair in synthetic leather that has glossy black lacquered legs with aged brass details. Besides having some of the best refined high-end materials, this counter stool has a brownish colour perfectly adjustable to any interior design.

modern black leather counter stool

Black leather is the face of luxury – and that is also one of the main perks of leather counter stools. Leather gives a luxurious and beautiful touch to any element, and when you are talking about a kitchen design, a most-functional room, we need to add that extra touch. PLUM Armchair is completely the example of this: a modern counter stool with glossy black lacquered legs that exudes opulence highlighted by the real leather.

modern beige leather counter stool

Others benefits of leather material are the versatility and comfort it has. Leather has varied end uses – when it comes to counter stools, gives it almost a magic essence that will adjust just well to any interior design, not only the kitchen. KANSAS Counter Stool is a button-tufted back chair that is upholstered in synthetic leather and has glossy black lacquered legs. This beige leather counter stool is the perfect addition to any modern home decor.

modern leather counter stool

We have already seen that leather, especially black, has a very refined soul. DALYAN Counter Stool doesn’t fall apart from it. This counter stool inspired by the elegance of Cleopatra has legs in glossy black lacquered and glossy aged brass details, exuding class. This last counter stool embodies all the characteristics of leather seating solutions, and you can definitely see why.

Velvet Counter Stools

Velvet has a completely alternative essence to leather. In textiles, velvet is a fabric with a short, deep pile that is used in garments and upholstery. The name comes from the Middle French velu, which means “shaggy.” Velvet is a pile weave fabric consisting of silk, cotton, or synthetic fibres that have a soft, downy surface produced by clipped strands.

modern blue velvet counter stool

Velvet is one of the most resistant materials ever. Due to its good chemical properties, it is alkali, chemical, pest, and mould resistant. IBIS Counter Stool is upholstered in cotton velvet and has legs in ash with walnut stain matte varnish. This is one of the modern kitchen counter stools velvet counter stool with a backrest has an aged brass nailheads trim. It will be the focal point of any modern kitchen design.

modern round-back velvet counter stool

Velvet is a very versatile type of material that works well in different types of ends. BOURBON Counter Stool embodies the opulence of one of the most powerful houses in France. With a button-tufted inner back, rich cotton velvet and legs in ash with walnut stain matte varnish, this velvet counter stool with a black back makes any interior design into a refined one.

modern green velvet counter stool

NAJ Counter Stool is a contemporary velvet counter stool with nickeled nails and legs in ash with walnut stain matte varnish. This velvet counter stool is sure to make a statement – and all because of the velvet all around. Velvet has a very soft texture, giving it a warm touch of modern kitchen counter stools ready for modern kitchen decor, ready to receive all of your friends and family.

modern beige velvet counter stool

Even though the counter stool has a very soft and light colour, another of the benefits of velvet is its high durability. NUKA Counter Stool legs in glossy black lacquered make this high back stool with its curved back the ideal addition to any home decor.

modern blue velvet with nailhead trim counter stool

Velvet is a very conducive accessory to use in the cold seasons, and the use f this material in the structure of DUKONO Counter Stool is the right explanation for it. This upholstered counter stool has legs in black lacquer matte and brushed aged brass details. Place it in modern home decor and watch this velvet counter stool fill the room with its imponent presence.

modern green velvet counter stool

At last, velvet has a strong aesthetic value, blending perfectly in every decor style – even if the item has a very strong structure itself. It is the case of TELLUS Counter Stool. This moss is upholstered in green velvet counter stool has black lacquered matte legs and bronze renaissance nails. Its out-of-the-ordinary figure makes it the focus of the interior design.

After giving you all the benefits of both leather and velvet counter stools, it is up to you to choose the ideal one for your home decor.

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