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Meet the Opulent Office of the Empire Penthouse in New York

The Office of the Empire Penthouse in New York will be today’s topic. We are almost finishing uncovering the astonishing Opulent Empire Penthouse, the new project of BRABBU x HOME’SOCIETY STUDIO. After discovering the Dining Room, Living Room and Bedroom, it is now time to meet the Office. This workplace is the reflection of the personality of the owner, and you will now know why.

The Office of the Empire Penthouse

Meet the Strand Office

Office of the Empire Penthouse

This is the sky-view of The Strand – the name of the office of The Opulent Empire Penthouse in New York. The name inspiration comes from the iconic bookshop on Fourth Avenue, The Strand. This bookshop is located in a street that used to be called ‘Book Row’, because there used to be 48 bookstores there, that now have spanned over six city blocks.

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Office of the Empire Penthouse

This office is the representation of a calm and balanced place where concentration and inspiration to work is the goal. Working from home is now becoming a very popular subject, and designers are paying a lot of attention to the design of these areas in order to acquire the desired atmosphere conducive to effective work and creativity, free of distractions.

The Strand Office is also the representation of the owner’s personality. As a businesswoman, she needs a clean, elegant and sophisticated office where she can attend their meetings, free of the chaos of the busy New York City. Colour-coordinated to the rest of the house, this home office has a calm and harmonious colour palette that creates the ideal backdrop for concentration and focus while working.

upholstered synthetic leather winged armchair

With a floor-to-ceiling window, the Strand Office is a highly illuminated place that needs furniture that can give the same energy to the space. It is the case of the SIKA Armchair, an upholstered synthetic leather winged armchair that gives a sense of comfort and superiority to whoever is using it. This Armchair has button details on the inner back, a nailhead trim and brass details on the arms, making it the perfect principal office chair.

upholstered velvet chair for guests

For the guests of her business meetings, the chosen place to sit them is in the BATAK Armchairs. This completely upholstered chair has a light structure and is full of personality. With a unique design, it gives the essence of personality to the office.

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The townhouse dining room banner

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