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Design Talks with Lars Myren: There is beauty in everything

Design Talks with Lars Myren is the most recent Design Talk we have the pleasure to announce. Lars Myren is the owner of LM Design Studio, one of the most prestigious residential and commercial interior design firms in the world.

Design Talks with Lars Myren


Home’Society believes that talking, discussing, and exploring ideas together is essential to the design process. The goal is to create a platform with a new vision of macro and micro trends within the industry, generating added value for the design lover community. These design talks include interviews with interior designers, architects, and showrooms to discover and discuss trending and the creative process.


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Exclusive interview

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Design Talks with Lars Myren

Lars Myren founded his own company in 2017 after spending 15 years abroad. “I was a shop manager, which I really enjoyed, but I worked so hard that I had to take a break, and this was a chance for me to contemplate what I really wanted to accomplish in my life about what really matters to me, what is my passion. My enthusiasm for interior design was evident when I launched my Instagram account. So I decided that what I would do, my genuine passion, would be interior design “In an exclusive interview with Home’Society Magazine, he confirms.

Design Talks with Lars Myren

Most of his inspiration comes from Anouska Hempel, a design legend whose creations and philosophies speak directly to his spirit. But, more than anything, Lars is inspired every day by pleased clients – “It’s extremely fulfilling and exciting to witness something evolve from a sketch to a mood board to 3D and then come to life. And it’s incredibly fulfilling when I get messages or see my clients smile as they stroll about the house “.

Design Talks with Lars Myren

Lars says that in order to develop the best design, he must first listen to the customer, their demands, and their enthusiasm. “Life is an Aesthetic Act,” states the LM Design Studio’s motto. “And in my design, as well as in my life, I constantly create beauty; it doesn’t matter where it is in the space, but you always get a clear vision of something lovely. A small detail, table legs, a light, and a chair “.

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Lars Myren, who has worked with people from various cultures, admits that it is necessary to listen to the people. “Every culture’s methods must be learned. They work differently in Asia than in Norway, thus it is vital to learn about the culture, attitude, and people “.

Design Talks with Lars Myren

If there is something he hasn’t done yet is contract design – ” I want to experience designing a hotel or a restaurant, or public room, because I think you are freer to design than a residence – so this is my next step”.

Design Talks with Lars Myren

Among Home’Society brands, Rug’Society contemporary rugs look like the perfect fit for him designs, but he clarifies he can “find the best in each brand and inserted it into my designs”.

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