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Curated interiors for Autumn 2022

Today, we gathered some of the best curated interiors to inspire you for the 2022 autumn. Since this season is almost here, you do want to be prepared and have all the weapons at your disposal to be the most stylish and have the very best interior design. Keep updated and then tell us what your favourite interiors were.

Curated Interiors – Autumn 2022 List

curated interiors for the fall

Autumn is all about embracing earthy and warm tones, and we’re seeing a return of these tones in our homes this year. Consider mustard, brown, and deep green tones.

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banner entryways and hallway collected interior

boho interiors for the autumn moment

Interiors from the 1970s are having a moment, from bohemian to disco. The tendency is to use earthy tones such as hunter green, mustard yellow, and blues.

modern interior curated interiors leather brown chair

Autumn is all about feeling cosy and prepared, so why not fill your interiors with fresh vegetables arranged in elegant ways, such as pears in a bowl, jars of almonds, and herb cuttings on your counters?

fall autumn 2022 curated interiors

We’re simply going to say it: the pattern is officially back. And we, for one, couldn’t be happier. This year, we will see a lot more patterns in fall décor trends, with classics like tweed and tartan making a strong comeback, especially since many people embrace the cottage core style.

banner virtual showroom HS

modern white chair

The colours that define the 2022 furniture trends have a strong and clear personality. Strong, dark, and brilliant colours, in fact, clash with and replace neutral and delicate tones.

modern curated interiors for fall 2022

Soft, comfy textiles are preferred for the autumn/winter season of 2022. Softness may, in fact, express calm and peace. Furthermore, it transforms the home into a trendy haven of charm and personality in which to find a cosy shelter.

curated interiors for the fall

The favoured furniture styles for autumn and winter 2022 are minimalist and fundamental, with clear, clean lines and natural components and materials. Furthermore, antique-style furniture lends a distinctive touch to the ambience, especially when coupled with different styles.

Download this mood board to inspire you even more!

The year 2022 ushers in a slew of new advancements in furniture and interior design. The process of furnishing one’s house undoubtedly fits one’s cultural demands. It does, however, need more caution, attention, and dedication. Download this moldboard to inspire you!

autumn 2022 moodboard

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