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Chairs and Consoles: a surprising match

Chairs and Consoles and their unusual match will be today’s topic. It is undeniable that chairs are essential in the home organisation for making them practical and functional and creating harmony in every interior. Another product that has the same purpose is a console. The both of them together just maximise this ability and builds modern and practical homes. Let’s take a look at some of the examples.

The unusual match of Chairs and Consoles

modern living room in neutral tones with chairs and consoles

This modern living room in neutral tones is the perfect example of how a console adds functionality to the space at the same time it completes the style given by the modern chair. Here, the ESSEX Modern Swivel Armchair is the modern chair in highlight along with the COLOSSEUM Console.

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modern living room in grey tones with modern chair and console

This minimalistic living room design is proof of how the same console when with another chair can create a completely different scenario. The COLOSSEUM Console has for sure an enigmatic design, which uplifts the room design, especially with the CLERK Armchair.

modern hallway with chair and console

In this living room design, the match between chairs and consoles is almost undetectable. The COLOSSEUM Console is somehow hidden behind the other decoration elements, but the blue vivid upholstery of the INCA Armchair makes it unique.

modern hallway in grey and green tones with modern chairs and console

One of the biggest trends in interior design this year is creating a hallway that feels both stylish and practical, and that comes about matching modern chairs with consoles. The symmetry in the design is the cherry, especially when it matches the grey upholstery of the GAIA Dining Chair with the black colour of the SHINTO Console.

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modern symmetrical design with chair and console

The same idea but in a different design. However, it gives us the same feeling. A modern look with a practical and functional vibe.

modern hallway with green dining chairs

The same symmetry and the result is simply exquisite. The TELLUS Dining Chair is an unusual match for the BRYCE I Console, but the both of them together look splendid.

modern hallway in brown tones

This contemporary hallway design is simply amazing. The brown tones of the BRYCE Faux II Console with marble details and the BEGONIA Armchairs create the perfect interior – stylish and comfortable, as everyone desires.

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