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4 Tips To Choose Your Upholstered Chairs

Upholstered chairs, covered in fabric, leather or eco-leather, are the most elegant, inviting and welcoming version of the regular seating. You have just look at them to perceive it and this impression is confirmed by the comfort of the seat.

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When it comes to choosing your chairs, the starting point is to think about where they will be placed in the house and their function. Especially when it comes to upholstered models, the end of use can be multiple: from the more classic, around the dining table, the studio, up to the entrance and the bedroom.


4 Tips To Choose Your Upholstered Chairs

Another criterion to not overlook for the choice of padded chairs is the combination with other furnishings, which becomes very important when you decide to mix different seats in the same room. Comfort is then a variable to be taken into account – to be tested by trying out more models – and ultimately the aesthetic performance as the design of a chair requires great competence.

4 Tips To Choose Your Upholstered Chairs

4 Tips To Choose Your Upholstered Chairs

The coordination of table and upholstered chairs no longer works as now the two elements can live separately, though they still have to stay together, even in the diversity of colors and materials. It is also necessary to respect the proportions between sitting height and table height (the gap is 30/35 cm). To calculate the maximum number of chairs, just add to the width of each one at least 10 cm to ensure freedom of movement for each diner.

4 Tips To Choose Your Upholstered Chairs

When choosing the upholstered chairs, it is important to take into account, prior to appearance, the intended use. Leather and eco-leather are also the right choices for dining table chairs: they are easy to clean and remain unchanged for a long time. For simple fabrics such as cotton, the removable coverings are more comfortable so that you can wash them when needed.

4 Tips To Choose Your Upholstered Chairs

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