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8 Superb Modern Chairs For Your Living Room

A modern chair is a perfect additional piece to a living room set. While a beautiful sofa enables you to spend good moments surrounded by friends or family, a designer chair is usually the key to making a statement in your home décor. A beautiful accent chair has the power to give character to your interior while remaining discrete and refined. Have a look at this beautiful set of modern chairs for your living room.

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This luxurious living room interior features BRABBU’s COMO in, grey velvet, and BEGONIA armchairs. The red piece is inspired by beautiful flowers from tropical countries. You can feel in this piece its warm energy and recognize the bold shapes of its petals. The light-coloured piece, COMO, fully made of velvet is inspired by the stunning Italian lake.

Swivel chairs can be very stylish and classy as well illustrated here. The piece’s light green and beautiful pattern illuminates the space and adds touches of originality to the atmosphere.

8 Superb Modern Chairs For Your Living room

This beautiful blue velvet piece blends perfectly well with the black and white décor of this living room set. The chairs are the centrepieces of this space, they instantly catch the eye with their imposing and curved design.

8 Superb Modern Chairs For Your Living room

To re-create a natural atmosphere, consider a green modern chair such as MALAY armchair by BRABBU. The graceful piece features a mystical soul that will fulfil your living room with energy from nature.

8 Superb Modern Chairs For Your Living room

Grey upholstery works with any home décor, whether classic or modern, colourful or sober. The soft coloured fabric will create warm and cosy vibes in the atmosphere.

8 Superb Modern Chairs For Your Living room

Purple living room furniture is the key to create a glamorous home décor. The gorgeous velvet of these designer armchairs will seduce your most refined guests, while their unique lines will add sophistication to the interior.

8 Superb Modern Chairs For Your Living room

You can also consider a modern contemporary piece of furniture to complete your living room set. The wooden legs and beautiful back of this chair are a perfect addition to the rest of the décor. The piece’s disarming minimalist design is nonetheless full of refinement and elegance.

8 Superb Modern Chairs For Your Living room

ANDES armchair by BRABBU is inspired by the grandeur of the Andes mountains. The mid-century modern piece of furniture honours their strength with its polished brass legs and velvet fabric.

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